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EPRO provides customers throughout the region one-stop e-commerce and IT solutions and services that improve operation efficiency and increase profitability. With experience and focus on selected vertical markets, we have become a leading business application solution provider in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. We are committed to providing quality services to meet the increasing demands of business applications in the fast-changing marketplace.
For businesses and organizations, engaging customers has been more critical to their bottom line than ever before. Expectations are high, competition is fierce, and customers have unprecedented control over how they spend their time and money.
Innovative organizations are continuous searching for solutions that help to transform ideas and information into experiences that change how people live, work, and communicate. By creating strong bonds through engaging experience, companies not only increase their customer satisfaction and brand loyalty but also achieve long-term profitability,
Adobe LiveCycle ES (Enterprise Suite) software is an integrated server solution that combines data capture, information assurance, document output and process management to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduces paperwork, accelerates decision-making, and helps ensure regulatory compliance.
Together, Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (PDF) and Adobe Flex (Flash) are uniquely positioned to enable us to effectively engage customers, partners, and employees in key business processes.

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Web 2.0 application development tools

With successful project delivery for major telecom network operators in the region, our team has built up significant experience >>



Logistics Management

Logistical operations are run most efficiently when information can be shared throughout the company as quickly as possible>>


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