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Mobile Computing Introduction



The era of mobile computing has arrived

Mobile internet usage is rising rapidly as the cost of such connection is falling. This low-cost widespread mobile connectivity has opened up new vistas for businesses to extend their existing business processes & systems (i.e. ERP, CRM and eCommerce) to mobile computing users – anywhere, anytime.

Latest mobile computing technology empowers enterprises by providing real time tracking of business operations, improving business processes and innovating the interactions with customers.

Mobile computing reading roadmap

EPRO specializes in providing implementation services for contemporary mobile applications on multiple platforms including iPhone, Android Windows Mobile, Symbian and J2ME. Enclosed please find a reading roadmap regarding our solutions and value-added services as follows:

  1. Introduction to mobile computing
    1. Benefits of mobile computing
  2. B2C mobile computing applications
    1. Mobile campaign marketing
    2. Mobile eCommerce (eCatalogue & eShopping)  
  3. Enterprise internal & B2B mobile computing applications
    1. Mobile Dashboard
  4. Value proposition of EPRO mobile application development services
    1. iPhone/iPad enterprise application development
    2. iOS 4 application development for iPhone/iPad
    3. Android mobile application development

Key benefits of mobile computing

  1. 1) Increase productivity and reduce costs:
    Mobile computing helps to increase individual productivity through increase sales per sales person, increase service calls per repair person, less time spent by professionals on administrative work, all of which translates into higher sales at lower cost. At the same time, on-the-spot invoice printing can lead to shorter payment cycles and better cash flow.

    2) Improve customer relations:
    One of the key successful factors of businesses is the ability to satisfy customers. Mobile computing provides field personnel the ability to access the necessary information from remote location to address customer questions, check order status and provide other services on a timely basis.

    3) Improve decision making:
    Mobile computing enables us to conduct business at the point of activity. The ability to collect, access and evaluate critical business information quickly and accurately means better decision making, which will enhance the company's ability to compete successfully.
Case study of mobile computing on supply chain management                                                               

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